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"We Know Enclosure"


30 January 2017

First Look: Nashville's tallest residential building

Adrian Mojica

NASHVILLE, Tenn.--Nashville's skyline is changing and all residents need to do is count the cranes dotting the city landscape.

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10 January 2017

New 298-unit ‘Exhibit on Superior’ rental tower opens in River North


Drawing its name from its location in the heart of Chicago’s original boutique art and furniture gallery district, the 34-story, cream-colored rental tower known as “Exhibit on Superior” has officially opened its doors and will start welcoming residents in the coming days. Designed by Chicago’s bKL Architecture and developed by partners Magellan Development Group, MAC Management & Parse Capital, the $113 million project replaces River North’s old Howard Johnson motel and diner that bit the dust just 20 months prior.

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10 May 2016

The Park is Dead, Long Live Bennett Park


There’s not a lot of green space in Streeterville, and these days there’s a little less of it. That’s because the park that once existed on the block bounded by East Grand Avenue, North Peshtigo Court, East Illinois Street, and North McClurg Court is no more.

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