Reflection Window + Wall
"We Know Enclosure"



For each unique floor type, layout will be provided indicating the design locations of critical points in the receptor system referenced from the nearest control lines provided by the General Contractor.


Sill Receptor Installation

The framing process begins with sill receptor installation. The sill receptors are placed in the precise design location using previously completed layout control points.



Head Receptor Installation

The head receptor is then located using a standard, theoretical dimension from the back of the sill can. This will ensure that the head receptor is in the correct design location and the primary air seal gaskets will achieve full compression during panel install.


System Sealants

After a significant length of receptors are installed, a crew follows the sill installation to apply initial system sealants.


Panel Installation

Panel installation begins at a starting point such as a corner and are marked according to their location using a numbering system for each unique floor plan. After the panels are installed, the sill wedge rubber is then pressed in between the back leg of the sill receptor and vertical panel join.


Perimeter Sealant

The caulking is applied to the joint with a caulk gun in sufficient quantity to fill the joint and the space immediately adjacent to the backer rod. The bead is then tooled smoothly with a tooling knife, giving the surface a uniform finish and pushing the material, assuring the that sealant is filling the space.