2100 Hamilton is an exclusive ultra-luxury 27-unit condominium tower design by Cecil Baker + Partners scheduled to open late 2021. Located at the Benjamin Franklin Parkway, the famous boulevard that is the art and museum center of Philadelphia. Key elements include heated terraces, a uniquely landscaped garden, and a full floor penthouse on Level 10 boasting 3,700 SF of outdoor space.

This 10-Story tower used the RWW 9500 Series system of window walls. The RWW 8000 Series system is used at all punched openings. Both the RWW 9500 Railing System and Highrise Products, a subsidiary company of Reflection Window + Wall, were used on the tower.

The railing system used for all terraces on Levels 3-9 is a face mount system with two-toned glass, creating a frosted design at the face of the slab edge. RWW used solar innovation sliding doors on all balconies on Levels 2 through 10.

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