950 Market is a 13-story mixed-use building in the heart of San Francisco with a 232 key boutique hotel, 242 condominiums and retail areas.  Designed by Handel Architects with design assist provided by RWW it is set for completion in 2021.

The facade consists of unitized GFRC (glass fiber reinforced concrete) on steel framing with most of the window system installed off-site in these mega frames. This significantly reduced the amount of manpower needed both on-site and off-site for the installation of the window system, a custom adapted version of our RWW 9500 Series to meet with the design intent. Unlike typical on-site installed projects with reference and layout of defined benchmarks, with the off-site installation we had to create layout program based off the faceted GFRC panels, creating its own unique challenges.

The glass configuration used achieves an overall system acoustical value of STC-44/OITC-35, frame + glass, important for the hotel to significantly reduce the city sounds emanating into the rooms.

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