A notched vertical (or hybrid style) wall is a great choice when you want the aesthetic of a curtain wall, but do not necessarily need the extreme thermal performance or structural capacity resident only in full depth curtain walls.  RWW’s U-8000 UWALL system powered by our patent pending TOMAHAWK 2 anchor is a revolution in unified speed anchor technology.    

Jason Eastwood, RWW’s Global Director of Products put it best, “Old hybrid-style notched vertical anchor systems currently in the market rely on clunky machined steel tubes buried in concrete slabs, which interfere with critical post-tension (PT) cables, fill with water, and are notoriously expensive to fix when misplaced. The new TOMAHAWK ANCHOR® 2 available exclusively with RWW UWALL® now lets you have it all! You get the economics of a unified speed anchor, no concern over water flooding the embed, and the threat of PT interference and coordination is a bad memory.” 

Or as a recent client said it, “UWALL’s TOMAHAWK 2 anchor saves schedule and cost in anchor coordination while it over-performs on aesthetics, over-performs on performance, and over-performs on price.” And we at RWW agree! 

In addition, UWALLsystem is the only vertical notched system in the US to give your project, and building occupants, the safety of a peer reviewed public listing for ASTM E 2307 internal fire spread. 

The UWALL system was the facade of choice most recently on the UIH Medical Center, and the 1400 South Wabash Tower.

With in-house structural, thermal, rapid prototyping, architectural rendering, and design-assist services, RWW can deliver unparalleled service throughout the design-assist process to help bring your curtain wall project to life: on-time, on budget, and exactly as you imagined. 

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