There are certain aesthetics that can only be achieved with a curtain wall.  Whether the architect desires a dissociative projection between the facade elements and the slab structure, or the depth and grace of a single light of floor-to-floor vision glass with the industry’s only 2- and 3-hour ASTME2307 fire safety listing that gives the flexibility for dozens of bespoke slab-masking configurations; or the stunning scale manifest by curtainwall super-panels with Uwall®’s unmatched out-of-the-box I-value of 21+, RWW’s Uwall® delivers in all conceivable ways.

Uwall® is an industry overachiever with an exceptional invention and parentage, by an engineering team with a combined 100+ years of experience; and over 2+ billion USD of successfully developed and installed system applications between them.  RWW’s Uwall® and the supporting cast behind the product can deliver what no one else can. As one client put it, “Uwall® overperforms on aesthetics, overperforms on performance and overperforms on price” and we agree.

For these reasons, Uwall® was the curtain wall of choice, most recently on the UIH Medical Center, and the 1400 South Wabash Tower.

With in-house, structural, thermal, rapid prototyping; architectural rendering, and design assist services, RWW can deliver unparalleled design assist service to help bring your curtain wall project to life: on-time, on budget, and exactly as you imagined.

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